Feel Proud Right Now! You’ve Earned It!

December 2, 2019

two Pomeranians

Caring, compassionate animal lovers like you make a difference in the lives of our nation’s most vulnerable animals year-round. While you may not always see firsthand the remarkable outcomes your support creates, you should be proud of all you’ve helped us accomplish in 2019, and all the lives you’ve changed for the better. We truly couldn’t do it without you! 

That’s why we’d like to take a moment to celebrate you: the animal advocate, the dog mom, the cat dad, the lover of our four-legged-friends. We’re proud to have you by our side, and we have our top 10 reasons why you should be proud of your support for the ASPCA:

1. Rosie was treated for chemical burns and went on to find a loving home.

a cat with a neck cone

Rosie came to the ASPCA missing large portions of her fur and smelling strongly of a cleaning agent. Veterinarians determined that Rosie’s hair loss was from chemical burns and worked hard to give her all the care she needed. Once healed, Rosie met a loving adopter and went home.

2. Justice was served for over 40 dogfighting victims.

a responder kissing a rescued dog

After being rescued from dogfighting in 2018, over 40 former victims finally got the justice they deserve when their former owner was recently sentenced to jail time. 

3. Animals impacted by the Kincade wildfires were given critical assistance.

a responder holding a cat

As the Kincade wildfires burned, we were on the ground assisting Sonoma County Animal Services with emergency response equipment, fulfilling animal search-and-rescue requests and providing welfare checks for non-evacuated animals. 

4. We scored major wins for farm animals!


Advocates like you shopped with your heart for more humanely produced food, called on lawmakers to pass stronger laws for farm animals, and supported our work to build a more responsible food system at every level. These efforts helped us make exciting changes to improve the lives of pigs, chickens, cows and other farm animals across the country. 

5. Puppy mill victims overcame their traumas at the ASPCA Rehab Center.

two samoyeds playing

After being rescued from a puppy mill, many of the Samoyed dogs we saved needed treatment at the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center, where they learned to overcome their fears and moved on to find loving homes. In addition, the defendant from their case recently pled guilty to 14 counts of animal neglect.  

6. Over 75 animals were rescued from neglect.

volunteer kissing a puppy

We assisted in the removal and care of 75 animals in Florida after investigators discovered the animals living in substandard conditions and exhibiting signs of neglect. 

7. Apple got her best day ever!

Apple smiling

Apple, a former cruelty victim, was given her greatest day full of peanut butter snacks, cuddles, comfy jammies and water playtime! Apple later went on to find a loving home through the ASPCA Adoption Center.

8. 28 dogs were rescued from suspected dogfighting.

ASPCA staff carrying a puppy

We assisted the New York City Police Department in launching raids on a suspected dogfighting operation and rescued 28 dogs during the investigation.

9. Case closed for 50 neglected horses in Florida.

a responder with a horse

After being kept in unsanitary conditions and showing signs of neglect, 50 Florida horses finally got justice and their case is now closed. Many of the horses were transported to rescue partners, where they were made available for adoption.

10. Nearly 200 animals were flown to safety before Hurricane Dorian struck the Carolinas.

rescued cat

We worked with Wings of Rescue to fly homeless animals to safety while local rescues in South and North Carolina braced themselves for the oncoming storm. 

While this list is just a small representation of all you’ve helped us do this year, we hope that you remember these animals and the moments that truly show what we are able to achieve with support from people like you. 

So feel proud today, and thank you for all you’ve done! Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of those who need us most.