Rescuing Rosie: Cat Found with Chemical Burns Is Now in ASPCA Care

September 11, 2019

Recently, ASPCA veterinarians were alarmed when a Good Samaritan brought in a cat who was missing large portions of her fur. Rosie, as she came to be known, was suffering from what looked like severe active hair-loss, with clumps of fur readily falling out, and she smelled strongly of a common household cleaning agent.


Veterinarians at the ASPCA Animal Hospital suspected that Rosie’s state could have been caused by chemical burns, but were initially extremely concerned about her prognosis, and even tested her for a rare skin disorder to rule out all possibilities.


Once it was determined that Rosie’s hair loss was in fact caused by chemical burns, our veterinarians began immediate treatment and put together a long-term plan for Rosie’s care, starting with a cleansing bath to remove any residual chemicals present on Rosie’s skin, pain management, antibiotics and e-collar to prevent excessive grooming of the irritated skin areas.

Rosie being examined

Rosie being examined

While we continue to help Rosie, it comes to mind that we see animals like her every day. Every day, there are countless animals at-risk, in need of care and medical attention they are denied. Rescuing them is only the first step in saving them, what comes next is critical in giving animals like Rosie the second chances they deserve.

Rosie being pet

Without support from people like you, animals like Rosie might not get the care they need. Please make a lifesaving gift today to help us as we continue to fight to protect and save animals who need us most.

Rosie resting
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