28 Dogs Rescued from Suspected Dogfighting

October 16, 2019

a young dog in a crate

Across three different locations in New York, the ASPCA assisted the New York City Police Department (NYPD) in launching raids on a suspected dogfighting operation.

These are among the 28 dogs seized in the multi-scene investigation who are now in our care.

a puppy in a crate

a young dog in a crate

Following the rescue, we are providing medical care and sheltering for the dogs.

a woman holding a black puppy

a dog getting taken off of a transport

We are also assisting with evidence collection and supporting the ongoing investigation.

a man holding a puppy

a puppy in a crate

Cases like this remind us why all our efforts to end animal abuse, and rescue and rehabilitate animals in need, are crucial. Please help us fight for innocent animals across the country with your donation today.