Give These L.A. Kitties the Gift of a Home This Holiday Season!

December 8, 2021

Happy holidays! Looking to do some good this giving season? Consider adopting one of these adorable kitties and giving them the second chance they deserve!

Tam and Baba

Tam and Baba are sure to be your new favorite dynamic duo! These brothers are the best of friends—always playing and cuddling. Baba is blind, so Tam helps him feel comfortable and secure—how cute is that?

Tam is a very curious and sweet boy who can be a little shy and hide around new people but can usually be coaxed out with some treats. Baba isn’t as shy as his brother though he is quite the independent kitten but does occasionally enjoy sleeping on his people’s laps.

If these brothers sound like your perfect pair, check out Tam and Baba’s profiles to learn more!


We see Crystal in your future! Crystal is a shy and sensitive girl looking for an experience cat parent who can let her slowly relax and blossom in a quiet home. She is an independent lad who prefers attention on her own terms and keeps herself entertained playing with toys and napping!

If you think you can give Crystal the life she deserves, check out her profile to learn all about her!


Say hello to Chili! Once he gets to know you, Chili is an outgoing, affectionate and social guy who loves to be pet. He also loves to climb into the laps of his people when they return home from work—he may not stay for very long—but he’s always happy to see you! When he isn’t sitting in laps, Chili is climbing and exploring his home or hanging with his brother, Sage!

If Chili has caught your eye, check out his profile to get all his details!


Meet Sage! Sage can be shy at first but give him some time to warm up and he comes the most sweet, cuddly and loving kitty! He loves playing with wand toys and carrying hair ties or stuffed toys and balls around in his mouth. If he isn’t playing with toys, Sage can be found chasing his brother, Chili!

If Sage sounds like your kind of cat, check out his profile to learn more!


Looking for a chatty cat who’s full of kisses? Look no further—Skittles is the boy for you! Skittles is a sensitive guy who can be nervous and shy around new people but once he gets to know you, he’s the sweetest cat you’ll ever meet! Skittles likes to explore his home, play with toys, use his scratching posts, is a whiz at food puzzles and hang with his BFF, Henry!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth for Skittles, check out his profile to learn all about him!


Meet Henry—our handsome, social confident and playful boy! Henry has never met a stranger and loves everyone he meets. Henry likes to climb and explore his home and play with his BFF, Skittles. He is looking for an adopter who can give him lots of play time and someone to give him the cuddles and pets he loves so much.

Want to make Henry part of your family? Check out his profile to get all his details!

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