9 months

Meet Baba! Baba is blind, but that doesn't stop him one bit! He moves around his foster home with ease and seems to remember where everything is. He loves to chase his brother, Tam—when Tam is running after a laser toy, Baba will chase him! Baba isn't as shy around new people as his brother. He loves smelling new things and people however, he doesn't like being picked up, most likely because it disorients him.

Baba is very sweet and curious. He does occasionally enjoy sleeping on his foster's lap but is mostly an independent kitten. He loves climbing and exploring! Like his brother Tam, Baba loves to play with everything he finds. Wand toys, balls and anything else laying around the house become his favorite toys.

Tam helps Baba feel comfortable and secure, and they play and cuddle together every day. Because they are so bonded to each other, Tam and Baba must be adopted together.

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