Grey Tabby
9 months

Meet Chili! Once he gets to know you, Chili is an outgoing, affectionate and social guy who loves to be pet. He can also be pretty talkative, always wanting to know how your day went. Chili loves to climb into laps when his people get home from work—he may not stay long, but he’s always very happy to see you! 

Chili can be independent and doesn't like to be held too much. This energetic, playful guy much prefers to climb and explore around his home instead!

Chili would love to be adopted with his brother, Sage, so they can continue doing what they love—playing and chasing each other around the house. If he isn’t playing with his brother, Chili likes to bat around wand toys and carry hair ties around the house in his mouth. Chili gets along well with his foster's one year old cat and their senior cats (although the senior cats don’t love him quite as much!). Chili hasn’t had any experience with dogs yet.

Chili has only had experiences with adult women while in foster, but he may do well in a home with other people including older children. If you want to spice up your life with Chili, please complete our online adoption survey


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