Grey tabby
9 months

Meet Sage! Sage can be shy at first but give him some time to warm up to you and he becomes the most sweet, cuddly and loving kitty! 

Sage loves playing with wand toys and carrying hair ties or stuffed toys and balls around in his mouth. He can be active at night when he's in a frisky mood but at other times, Sage is calm and enjoys being held and brushed. Once you’re in his circle of friends, Sage loves to snuggle and can be a lap cat. 

Sage is very connected to his brother, Chili, and they would love to be adopted together so they can continue doing what they love—playing and chasing each other around the house. Sage also gets along well with other cats. He’s very close to his foster family's one-year-old cat and gets along with their senior cats as well. 

Sage has only had experiences with adult women while in his foster home, but he may do well in a home with other people including older children. 

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