2 years

Meet Skittles! Skittles is a sensitive guy who can be nervous and shy around new people. He needs a little time to warm up to you and learn to trust, but once he gets to know you, he's the sweetest cat you'll ever meet! 

Although Skittles is shy around people, he absolutely loves to be around other cats! Skittles is currently in a foster home with Henry, another adult cat around his age. Henry and Skittles didn’t know each other before they were in a foster home together, but now they are the best of friends. Skittles and Henry keep each other company and love to play and cuddle together. 

Skittles likes to explore around his home and can be active at night. He enjoys using his scratching posts and is a whiz with food puzzles. He also loves playing with string toys, feather toys and any type of ball he can chase around. 

Skittles doesn't like to be held but he loves to cuddle in bed and is always looking for pets and lots of attention. He’s a huge talker and full of kisses once he gets to know you. He also listens very well when you give him commands. 

Skittles would love to be adopted together with Henry, or into a home with another friendly and playful cat. He would do best with a playmate to keep him company, instead of being the only pet in the home. Because Skittles is a shy guy he would do best in a home with older children or no children. 

If you adopt Skittles the love will take time, but just wait because you will end up with an amazing cat! If you’re ready to help Skittles come out of his shell, please complete our online adoption survey

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