Would You Choose to Adopt One of These Amazing Animals?

May 26, 2023


There are no wrong answers here! Whether you’re looking for a playful kitty, a smarty-pants pup or a quieter senior pet, all of these adoptable pets would be wonderful choices for you and your loved ones!

Is Your Pick in North Carolina?

Memphis Is the Life of the Party


When you choose Memphis, you choose playtime! You choose long, leisurely walks! And you definitely choose cheese! Memphis has a hankering for cheesy treats and will catch them out of the air. He’s never had a real home before, so he’s looking for a patient family who will give him time to settle in and get comfortable with them. Head over to his profile to apply for adoption!

Are You Looking in Ohio?

Wiggly Lindy Says, “Pick Me!”


Our girl Lindy is the perfect choice for a family with an active lifestyle! She will wiggle around as soon as she meets you. She hasn’t shown much interest in other dogs, but she loves spending time with her people, going on walks and investigating lots of smells along the way. Learn more about adopting Lindy on her profile!

What About These Two in Los Angeles?

Rocky and Bullwinkle Are a Dynamic Duo


These two brothers promise they’re both cats, and not a moose and squirrel! Rocky and Bullwinkle would be an amazing double pick, and we know you’ll love them both right away. The two of them are peas-in-a-pod and know how to have fun! Learn more about them today!

Or How About a Cat or Dog in the Tri-State Area?

Looking for Loki? He’s All Yours!


Loki is a senior boy who is looking for a family of his own! If you’d pick a dog who loves a good nap, but also loves a good play session, Loki is your guy! He’s obsessed with tennis balls and would love to show off his collection to you. Learn more about him and apply for adoption on his profile!

Look “Nevermore,” Adopt Lenore!


Lenore is a real sweetheart of a cat who can’t wait to be adopted into a loving home! She’s a quiet girl whose ideal adopter would give her time to develop and get cozy in their home. Once she warms up, she’ll show you that she loves to play! Submit an application for this gorgeous kitty on her profile!

If these locations aren’t close enough to you, there are many more perfect choices that you can find at your local shelter!

Or if you’re feeling indecisive, don’t fret! You can still make a huge impact for animals in need by becoming a foster caregiver! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioWeaverville, North CarolinaNew York City and Los Angeles.