Fosters Needed for the ASPCA Cruelty Recovery Center in Columbus, OH


Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster caregiver! At the ASPCA Cruelty Recovery Center (CRC), located in Columbus, Ohio, a dedicated team of sheltering, veterinary and animal behavior staff work together to serve animals rescued in national cruelty cases and disaster response. This facility was created to shelter and provide high-quality, integrated care for animal victims of neglect, abuse and natural disasters. You can become a valuable part of this care team by signing up to foster an animal currently in recovery.

Basic requirements for fosters include:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be located in or near Columbus, Ohio

To get started and support animals in need, please fill out our Foster Application!

Foster needs may vary throughout the year but we are always looking for foster homes for adult dogs.

ASPCA Fostering FAQs

What kinds of animals need fostering?

Animals are available to foster from the CRC for a variety of reasons. They may be ready for placement or adoption, or not quite yet due to their individual needs. We most commonly need fosters for:

  • Neonate or juvenile cats and dogs.
  • Recovering, sick or injured cats and dogs of all sizes.
  • Adult cats and dogs with special behavioral needs.
  • Animals in need of a break from the shelter environment.

Why do animals need foster caregivers?
  • Socialization: Some cats and dogs have had limited social experiences before arriving to the CRC due to the circumstances they came from. These animals need an attentive foster caregiver to help socialize them so that they can become more confident and trusting.
  • Information & Training: Sometimes animals behave differently in a shelter than in a home. Animals who need a break from the shelter environment often benefit from time with a foster caregiver who can monitor certain behaviors and work to modify them through positive reinforcement training with the guidance of our behavior team. Some of the animals that come to the CRC have never been part of a traditional home and can benefit from the time and care a foster home can provide as they learn to become a beloved pet.

Why should I foster?

Fostering an animal is a rewarding experience you’ll never forget, and it directly improves the lives of shelter animals. Whether you’re helping a dog learn to love and be loved or watching a cat recover from illness or injury, fostering gives you the chance to single-handedly change an animal’s life for the better. You can be the bridge from an animal's past to their new life. Many of our animals come from tough circumstances and need someone special to help them along their journey—could that be you?

Will I need to provide all the food and supplies for my foster animal?

The ASPCA covers all medical expenses and provides foster caregivers with the food, equipment and supplies they need to care for their foster animals. You provide your home, time, attention, commitment and love!

How long does fostering last?

Foster periods typically last anywhere from 1-2 weeks to several months. It always depends on that individual animal's needs, and we make the timing expectations clear for each animal we seek foster homes for so that you can pick the best match for you and your schedule.

Who can foster for the ASPCA?

To join the foster program, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Located in or near Columbus, OH

Can I foster if I have other pets at home?

Yes! If you have other pets, we ask that they are up to date on vaccinations and that you provide a separate space for your foster pet to allow for a gradual and safe introduction. For dog owners looking to foster dogs, we will often arrange a dog-to-dog meet-and-greet with our behavior team to set you up for success before taking a foster dog home.

If you foster for other organizations, that's great too! We just ask that you refrain from fostering for multiple organizations at the same time, to prevent safety and health concerns.

Will I need any special training to foster?

The ASPCA will provide training and materials to help support your fostering experience once you are accepted into the program. The main aspect that sets the CRC foster program apart from traditional shelter foster programs is the need to maintain confidentiality of your foster animal, due to the nature of the cases these animals may come from. The ASPCA will provide you with clear guidelines to help maintain your foster pet's confidentiality while you care for them.

Many foster opportunities do not require additional training, but we encourage our fosters to continue to learn and grow. The more we learn, the more we can accomplish together!

The CRC is part of the Rehabilitation Services Group, which also includes the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in Weaverville, North Carolina, and the Recovery and Rehabilitation Center (R&R), which will be located in Pawling, New York. All three facilities provide opportunities for animals to heal after rescue. As they engage in hands-on care, teams prioritize the elevation of our work through ongoing learning, advancing the animal welfare field through research, developing effective, efficient interventions, establishing new best practices and sharing innovations with other organizations nationwide.