We Urgently Need Kitten and Cat Fosters in Los Angeles


Become a Foster in Three Easy Steps


View the LA Foster Program Information Session video below. Click the play button to watch at your pace.


After watching the video, take the required quiz here to verify your basic understanding of feline fostering with our program.


After completing the quiz with a passing score, you'll receive an email within 24-72 hours with access to our brief online foster application to tell us more about yourself, your experience and your foster preferences. 

Foster Eligibility Requirements

Basic foster requirements and expectations include:

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be willing and able to take your fosters to follow-up veterinary appointments every 2-4 weeks.
  • Be willing and able to take your kittens to a veterinary clinic immediately if a medical emergency arises.
  • Keep your foster pets separate from household pets for two weeks in a spare room. We will provide you with a playpen if you don’t have a spare room.
  • Feed them, clean the litter box daily and keep their area clean.
  • Monitor their health daily and update us promptly about concerns.
  • Socialize them by holding them, playing with them, and exposing them to positive experiences

Why We Urgently Need Your Help

We have an ongoing need of fosters in Los Angeles County who are excited about the chance to make a difference for vulnerable feline populations, including: bottle-fed kittens, kittens learning to eat on their own, sick kittens, shy or scared kittens, moms with young kittens, or healthy and friendly kittens already eating on their own. We provide comprehensive training and help you build caregiving skillsets while you foster.

From April through November, there is an influx of kittens being born in Los Angeles, and the ASPCA needs fosters who can provide care and support until they are old enough to be adopted. We provide all the food, supplies, and medical services, as well as all the support you can ask for—all we need from you is TLC.

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