Charlie and Mark Are Bringing Brotherly Love to Los Angeles!

April 4, 2024


Charlie and Mark have found a loving home! But there are still plenty of cats in the Los Angeles area looking for homes of their own. See all of our adoptable cats who are currently available!

Are you looking for the most adorable cat in all of Los Angeles? How about the two most adorable cats? Meet Charlie and Mark!

These beguiling brothers are looking for loving homes of their own – or just one home, if their new family would like to adopt them both! Charlie and Mark are both very social and get along well with other cats, so they’d thrive either in a home together or in a home with other playful feline friends. Read on to learn more about these two beautiful boys!



When you first meet the orange kitty Charlie, he might be a bit shy. Once he gets to know and trust you as a playtime companion and tasty treat-giver, he’ll show you his true colors! He loves to chase and pounce after toys when he’s feeling playful, and he enjoys resting in a cozy hiding spot when it’s time to wind down. He’s a true purring machine when you pet him and will happily nuzzle into your hand. He especially enjoys the company of other feline friends and his brother, Mark!

Adopters should know that Charlie experiences signs of a chronic upper respiratory infection, similar to a common cold in humans, but this does not slow him down one bit! He often has mild eye or nose discharge that may require medication to treat. Our Adoption Team would be happy to share more information about his medical history and future care.

If you’re ready to take the next steps with Charlie by your side, visit his profile to learn more and apply to adopt him!



Mark is a handsome grey tabby cat who can’t wait for playtime with you! His paws-itive energy is contagious, and he’ll always find a way to make you smile. He’s a pro at climbing cat trees and jumping after a cat toy when they least expect it! Mark and his brother are a perfect fit for each other, but he also gets along and plays well with other cats or kittens who match his level of energy. After burning some energy, he’ll happily take a catnap in your lap.

Mark also experiences signs of a chronic upper respiratory infection which may require medication to treat. Like his brother, despite those signs, he’s just as peppy and playful as other cats! Our Adoption Team would be happy to discuss what Mark’s care will look like in your home.

If Mark has already captured your heart, all you need to do next is visit his profile and submit an adoption application!



If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, but you are still interested in finding your furry BFF, there are many other available cats and dogs at our locations in Columbus, OhioWeaverville, North Carolina and New York City! You can also check out your local shelter or visit our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC!

If you aren’t quite ready for adoption, but you’re able to provide temporary care for an animal in need, you can still make an important impact by becoming a foster caregiver! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioWeaverville, North CarolinaNew York City and Los Angeles (cat fosters only).