Curious About Cats? Here’s How You Help Vulnerable Kitties

May 18, 2021

As an ASPCA Guardian, we know you care deeply about animals. With Adopt a Shelter Cat Month approaching in June, we want to make sure you are up to speed on all the ways your contributions help vulnerable kitties across the country. 


When animals are in danger, every minute matters. Whether it’s neglect, cruelty-related situations, or a natural disaster, we are prepared to respond to rescue cats from dire conditions. Our forensics experts also provide assistance for local, state and federal authorities with the identification, collection and analysis of evidence for use in cruelty casework.  


When cats arrive in our care from various situations, sometimes they are not ready to step into a new home just yet. Our expert team provides cats with lifesaving medical care and socialization to prepare them for lives as beloved pets.  


We have a wonderful network of foster caregivers in Los Angeles and New York City, who care for felines of all ages so they can heal, learn and grow before adoption. For young, orphaned kittens, fostering is critical to their survival. They require round-the-clock care from our foster volunteers and Kitten Nursery until they are old enough and strong enough to be adopted. Fostering also provides a unique opportunity to learn about their personalities in a home setting and we can help them meet their best match.

Research & Resources

We work to provide resources that equip shelters and rescue groups across the country with the information and tools they need to help cats in their own communities. From grants, to webinars, to adoption tips, and more, we take a progressive approach to promote cutting edge research to reach kitties nationwide. 


Sometimes cats need a little lift to their new home, so our relocation team transports them to areas of the country where there is a higher demand for adoptable pets. Whether it’s by road or by air, we help coordinate the travel of cats and dogs all over the country in their quest for a loving home.


We have adoptable cats available in New York City and in the L.A. area who are eager to find their loving homes! Spread the word about the importance of adoption and find an adoptable cat near you

Your commitment to the ASPCA helps fund these lifesaving initiatives which help cats—and other animals—receive the best possible care. This Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and all year long, please remember to Make Pet Adoption Your First Option® and urge all those you know to do the same.

Thank you for helping cats in need throughout the country through your lifesaving support of the ASPCA!