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Dogs who are Barred From Love by cruel breeders don’t go to the vet when they’re sick. No one is trimming their nails or cleaning their ears. Treats? Forget about it. They don’t even have a separate place to relieve themselves. Some never see sunlight, breathe fresh air, feel grass, or have protection from the heat or cold. While the conditions found in commercial breeding facilities are cruel, they are commonplace, and some are even perfectly legal.

Pet sellers know that shoppers find comfort in the term “USDA-licensed breeder,” but this label isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Learn how federal law fails breeding dogs and view our gallery of USDA inspection photos that show how puppy mill dogs are really treated.
What is “cruelty”—and for that matter, what is a “breeder”? The answers vary from state to state. Something that’s illegal in one state may be perfectly acceptable somewhere else. What are the laws where you live?

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