These Furry Friends are Looking for a Summer Romance! Are You Ready to Fall in Love?

July 7, 2022

It’s summertime and these four-legged friends are looking to meet their new summer boo! Who knows? Maybe it’s you! 

Meet some of our available animals across the nation. 


We met a boy cute as can be—and his name is Sirius! Sirius had a rough life before we met him, but now he’s a whole new pup. This handsome man is a lover of all things soft (see blanket picture above!) and plays with any and all toys. He also loves other dogs, playing in the water and walks with his favorite people. Learn more about Sirius! 


Greta came to the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) with several other dogs who had been rescues from a hoarding situation. But now, this silly girl is ready to leave her past behind and find someone to love and cherish her the way she deserves! 

Greta loves other dogs and car rides and is curious about what this great big world has to offer. But her favorite thing of all? Water! Give this girl a swimming pool, creek, bucket, you name it, she’ll submerge in it. Learn more about Greta! 


Telli is a fun-loving pup who loves other dogs and has the best zoomies you’ll ever see! Telli would love an adopter with a fenced in yard so she can zip around at lightning speed. This speedy girl can’t wait to find her person willing to take the time to make her feel safe, happy and loved—after all, this is romance we’re talking about—not just a summer fling! Learn more about Telli! 

Abner and Ezra 

Abner and Ezra are just about the cutest duo we’ve ever seen! This bonded pair can be a little shy at first, but with some time they’re happy to show what funny kitties they really are. 

Abner is a lap cat through and through! He also loves to plan—you can often find him doing zoomies when he knows the toys are about to come out. 

Ezra is the more reserved of the pair, but don’t worry, he’s still a lap cat! He also gets really into playtime and loves exploring his surroundings! Learn more about Abner and Ezra! 


Are you ready to go for a spin with Twister? Twister is a happy-go-lucky, energetic pup who loves everything this world has to offer. But his two favorite things are toys and walks! Indoors, Twister can be found playing with any and every type of toy, and outdoors, he loves to explore everything her can! Learn more about Twister!


Kingsly is looking for his castle! This handsome gentleman has been called a “sweet, lovely man” by the staff that know him best. They go on to say, “he can be a little shy at first, but once he opens up, it’s zoomies and cuddles!” Kingsly needs a home in a low-traffic area, ideally in the suburbs with a fenced in backyard. Learn more about Kingsly!

Eileen and Lil Bear

Eileen and Lil Bear are the perfect pair that will surely melt your heart. Eileen is blind and Lil Bear helps guide her and makes her feel secure, comfortable and loved—have you ever heard anything cuter? Lil Bear even wears a bell on his collar so Eileen knows where he is at all times. 

Being blind doesn’t slow Eileen down one bit. She’s a happy, fearless, and unbelievably intelligent—impressing her foster family daily with her attention to detail and instincts to explore, chase and play! 

Lil Bear is an outgoing, social and very affectionate kitty with a BIG heart. He loves to explore and play but also lounge around whenever possible. He’s also extremely helpful, gentle and protective of Eileen. Learn more about Eileen and Lil Bear! 

Ketchup and Luna

Ketchup and Luna are BFFs ready to be your BFF! Luna can take a bit to warm up, but once she’s comfortable, she’ll demand to be held, and if you’re not doing so, she’ll voice her demands until they are met. She also enjoys being brushed and snuggling in your lap. 

Ketchup is the more outgoing of the two, but it will also take her some time to get comfortable. Once she does, though, her true personality and quirks shine. She loves to play fetch with her toys and demands to be brushed at all times. Learn more about Ketchup and Luna!


Ready to explore life with Dora? Dora is a spunky, independent gal who can be nervous and unsure in new places and with new people. It may take her some time to feel comfortable, but just wait until she shows her true colors! Once you’re in Dora’s inner circle, she will seek out attention and pets. Now comfortable in her foster home, Dora loves a lap to curl up in and occasionally likes to snuggle on her own terms. Learn more about Dora!

Miss Madeline 

How divine is Miss Madeline!? This lovely warmblood mare is looking for a non-riding companion home. Madeline gets along well with both mares and geldings. She behaves well in a stall but enjoys her outside time just as much! Madeline loves grooming time and is always down for a good old ear scratch. She leans in affectionately and shows you exactly where she would like to receive love. Learn more about Miss Madeline!

Loretta and Patsy

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but we would die for Loretta and Patsy. This dynamic duo of donkeys has stolen our hearts! These girls do everything together and have loved everyone they’ve ever met. Loretta is a little older, so she is quick to embrace anyone and everyone, whereas Patsy is still getting used to strangers. Don’t worry though, Loretta is showing Patsy the way! If you’re looking for personality and intelligence mixed with beauty and talent, these are your ladies. Learn more about Loretta and Patsy!

Not swiping right on any of these singles? Don’t worry, there’s plenty more fish in the sea—or horses in the barn in this case! Check out our other adoptable animals in North CarolinaNew York CityLos Angeles and equines nationwide. You can also check out your local shelter to find the animal for you!