5 years
51 lbs.

Meet Greta! Greta is a silly girl who loves to play with other dogs! Greta arrived at the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center with several other dogs who came from an overcrowding situation. After four months in treatment, Greta is ready to find an adopter who will cherish her and give her a home. 

Big fan of: Other dogs and car rides! Greta loves hopping into the car to go on adventures. She is curious about the big world out there and is eager to find an adopter who wants to be her guide! Greta LOVES water, swimming, kiddie pools, creeks; you name it, she’ll submerge herself in it! She also adores walks and will follow you anywhere!

Working on: Her anxiety when settling into a new home. Since Greta has never had a home before, she may be somewhat anxious in a home setting at first. She would greatly benefit from having a social dog in the home to teach her the ropes! Greta will go into a crate and settle on her own, and she also likes puzzle toys and chew toys, both of which will help her as she settles in. 

Dream home: Greta would love it if you had another dog for her to play with! She also dreams of a home where her adopter will spend time telling her how pretty she is while giving her neck scratches. She would love to find out what home life is all about, but it may take her some time to adjust. Her dream adopter would be patient and supportive as she navigates her new life.

Greta would love a family that understands that going to a new home can be scary so she may need some time to open up—but it’s worth the wait! She’s looking for a dedicated adopter willing to put in the time and effort to continue working on her training and who can enjoy her playfulness. In return, she will surely entertain you with her goofy antics and silly faces.  If Greta sounds like your dream come true, please email [email protected] to submit an inquiry.

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