2 years
32 lbs.

Meet Sirius! Sirius is a lover of all things soft! So much so that he could practically be the Princess (or Prince in this case) in the children’s story The Princess and the Pea. Just call him Sirius the Soft Bed Connoisseur! Sirius loves to take walks and has been known to enjoy time in the kiddie pool or playing in a creek!

Big fan of: Toys! Sirius loves to play with toys and will entertain himself for hours when given the chance. He also loves other dogs, playing in the water and taking walks with his favorite people.  

Working on: Getting into the car. Sirius has learned the basics at the BRC and will be so grateful to have a patient adopter that can continue guiding him into the car so he can go on fun outings like trips to the creek and other cool places.

Dream home: Sirius would love another dog to run and play with, especially a dog friend that likes to go on walks and share their toys.

If Sirius sounds like your dream come true, please email Jenny at [email protected] to submit an application!