These Cats in Los Angeles Are Looking for Love! Will You Bring Them Home for the Holidays?

December 1, 2023


These adorable cats have all been waiting patiently for months in foster care in the Los Angeles area, dreaming of the day that their special someone brings them home. Will you be the one to adopt them in time for the holiday season?

Will One of These Cats Be Your Match?



Puma can’t wait to be your friendly little shadow! She loves to run around and play with her toys, and always enjoys a good cardboard box fort. She has done well with other cats, dogs and small children, too! Puma takes preventative medication for past seizure-like activity, but this spunky kitty doesn’t let anything hold her back! Our Adoption Team can tell you more about her medical history and needs in her new home. Visit her profile to apply today!



Do you have a playful cat at home that’s looking for a new bestie? Minnie might be the one for you! Our girl Minnie can be a little shy with new people, but having another cat around to show her the ropes helps boost her confidence. If you’d like to learn more about Minnie, check out her profile!

Double Your Fun with These Darling Duos!

Buddy and Kira


Buddy and Kira are just like two peas in a pod! They would be thrilled if they found a home together, but they also do well on their own, especially if there are other cats to play with. They also adore getting attention from their people, of course! They both occasionally need medication for signs of a chronic upper respiratory infection, which our Adoption Team can tell you more about. Apply to adopt them on their profiles!

Viola and Piano


These two sisters will create wonderful music in your home! Viola and Piano are bonded to each other and must go home together. Piano is shy around new people, but both cats are more confident when they’re with each other. They also get along well with other kitty friends! If you think your home is the purr-fect one for this duo to  blossom in, visit their profiles to learn more!

Stache and Emily


This dashing duo will steal your heart! Emily and Stache can take some time to warm up in a new home, but they shine when they're with a feline friend. Both cats would love to go home with each other, but they’d also do well if adopted into a home that already has a confident cat they can befriend. Learn more about these adorable kitties on their profiles!

These Siblings Know How to Have Fun!

Lady Whiskerella, Mister Paws and Captain Whiskers


These three kittens will make their new homes filled with fun every day! Lady Whiskerella, Mister Paws and Captain Whiskers are siblings who take some time to settle into new homes and prefer quiet environments, but they certainly love to play! They’d all love to go home with one of their siblings or into a home with a resident cat who they can play with.

Lady Whiskerella tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), so all three of these kittens need to be re-tested when they turn six months old. Cats with FIV can live long, comfortable, happy lives and thrive in homes, so don’t let that stop you from getting to know these cuties! Our Adoption Team can tell you everything you need to know about future care. Check out their profiles to learn more and apply!

If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, but you’re still interested in giving a dog or cat in need a loving home in time for the holidays, there are many more amazing animals available at our locations in New York City, Weaverville, North Carolina and Columbus, Ohio! You can also check out your local shelter or visit our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC!

If you aren’t quite ready for adoption, but you’re able to open your doors temporarily to an animal in need, you can still make an impact by becoming a foster caregiver! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioWeaverville, North CarolinaNew York City and Los Angeles (cat fosters only).