A New Kingdom for Princa

June 5, 2019


Michael G. and his husband, Peter, were looking for a new cuddly family member that they were hoping could also serve the very valued position in their household as “mouse repeller.”

Looking for a Throne

Princa had been surrendered to the ASPCA in early January 2019. Her previous caregiver suffered from health issues and made the heartbreaking decision when they were unable to provide the care that Princa needed. 

At 14 years old, Princa had her own health issues, too. Suffering from age-related kidney problems, our team at the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) treated Princa and determined that she was medically cleared to hunt for a new home and a loving family.

Princa standing on a mat

From the information her previous caregiver provided, we knew that Princa was a sensitive, but cuddly lap cat. But having gone from a home she’d lived her entire life, to a shelter, was a bit overwhelming for the sweet senior. To help this senior lady get comfortable at the ASPCA Adoption Center and showcase her loving personality, Princa spent some time being fostered in an ASPCA office. She soon became known as a “velcro cat,” amongst the staff and her personality truly began to shine.

Sassy Senior Steals Hearts

When Michael and Peter came across Princa’s picture on the website they determined that “she had a clear don’t-mess-with-me look,” and they “could tell she would fit right in with [their] level of sass.” It seemed like the couple had found their match, and meanwhile, Princa waited patiently. 

When they visited the Adoption Center, Michael and Peter were open-minded and ASPCA volunteers and Adoption Center staff introduced them to several potential new roommates, including the sassy senior that had piqued their interest online. 

“Princa was very cautious but warmed up to us on our second visit with her that day,” says Michael. “Even though she didn’t jump for joy when we met her the first or second time (like we’d hoped for), we chose to take her home that day and had faith we made the right choice.”

Princa resting on a blue towel with her tongue out

A Happy Home

Michael and Peter officially adopted Princa on January 29, 2019. As with all adopted cats, our Behaviorists suggest slow introductions to a new environment and time to allow the cat to adjust to their new home. 

“At first she was timid and took a while to adjust,” says Michael. “Now, she is very comfortable in our home and the room which we gave her, she claimed. She still doesn’t like to go too close to our front door as the outside noises scare her, but other than that she is the queen of her castle.”

Princa has happily settled into her new kingdom and loves her new family, who continue to treat her like royalty.

“We always have someone to cuddle with and spend time with,” Michael tells us. “Sometimes Princa will jump on your lap or chest before you have even made full contact with the furniture. She keeps us entertained by doing nothing at all, gives us love without asking for it and gives us space when we need it. We say this all the time, but she is pretty much the best cat.”

Sometimes senior animals can get overlooked due to their age, but Michael and Peter gave Princa the chance to have a devoted retirement home.

Princa on a bed

Michael couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out after Princa’s adoption, but there was a learning curve he hopes that other potential adopters will keep in mind. 

“I hadn’t had a pet for over 20 years before adopting Princa, so I was new to adopting an animal, especially one that is over 12!” Michael says. “I had a lot to learn and learned a lot. However, the main takeaways I had were; to give them time and to trust in the future.”

“I wanted to have a cuddly friend the first day we brought her home, even though everything in research said otherwise,” says the honest but eager Michael. “And they were right. It takes time and it is hard because you want to love them right away. But love them by giving them space and holding on to the eventual image of you two snuggling together like best friends.”

Now, Princa and her family snuggle happily together, and Michael informs us they “haven’t seen a mouse since!”

Peter and Princa

Peter and Princa wearing matching crowns