It Takes Two to Tango – Will You Let Dancer Take the Lead?

April 30, 2024

Dancer has found a loving home! But there are still plenty of dogs and cats in the tri-state area looking for homes of their own. See all of our adoptable dogs and cats who are currently available!

No one knows how to make you smile like our handsome fella, Dancer! He’s always ready for a fun dance, whether it’s salsa or swing! If you’re looking for a paw-fect dance partner and cuddle buddy in the tri-state area, Dancer might be the pup for you.

Dancer loves every human he meets, and he is always happy to get some good pets and play with his people! After some excitement, you’ll see how seriously he takes naptime, too. Here at the Adoption Center, his friendly, laidback demeanor has made him a staff favorite. Dancer wants nothing more than to make his humans happy! Like all great performers, he learns quickly and is always eager to please. He likes to move to his own rhythm, but he’s also a great listener who follows commands well.


Dancer is looking to live in a quiet area where he can truly blossom. He’s a suburban boy at heart, so his ideal home would be outside of the city. He can’t wait to charm the neighbors with his moves! Dancer would be a great fit for most families, but he does need to meet any potential canine siblings one-on-one first. Our team would love to help make introductions!

Adopters should know that Dancer has been diagnosed with a condition called brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS). This is a common condition for dogs with smooshed faces like Dancer’s. This prevents him from being able to dissipate heat and breathe normally, so he is at high risk for respiratory difficulties and heat stroke. Regardless, Dancer is always a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy! Once you apply for him, our medical team will go over his needs with you.

If you’re ready to practice your dance routine with this darling dog, visit his profile to complete an application for Dancer!