Adopt a Golden-Aged Pet for National Senior Pet Month!

November 16, 2023


November is National Senior Pet Month, and we’re celebrating these amazing animals by shining a light on a few special seniors that are looking for loving homes in the tri-state area. These wonderful pets are available at the ASPCA Adoption Center in NYC and just so happen to be a little older and wiser than some of our other Adoption Center residents! They are just as affectionate and playful as a younger pet, so don’t let their ages fool you. Consider adopting one of these cuties today!



Beautiful Magenta truly can’t wait to meet you! She’s super affectionate and ready for a loving home. She’d love to spend her days snuggled up at your side. If you’re looking for a sweet, friendly companion who never turns down a good nap, Magenta is the one for you! Check out her profile to learn more. 



This gorgeous cat is ready to write an epic poem about you! Hesiod is a chatty girl who loves to follow her people around. She’s looking for a home where she can settle in at her pace. Learn more about her by visiting her profile!



Just like a clear blue sky, Azure is here to brighten up your days! She’s an affectionate cat who loves  cozying up with her people and asking for playtime. Visit her profile to learn more apply to adopt Azure!



As her name suggests, Serene is a cat who enjoys a quiet, relaxing life. She likes to be independent and have space for herself, but also enjoys a good snuggle with her people. A little playtime and some treats, and she’ll be your BFF! Check out her profile to learn more. 



Our friend Mickey is ready for a loving home of his own! He’s a dapper tuxedo cat who takes his time settling into new places. Once he does, he really enjoys playtime and getting to know his people better. If Mickey sounds like the companion for you, please visit his profile!



Oatmeal is always a great way to start your day! This independent boy enjoys following his people around and asking for affection on his terms. He especially loves playtime and treats, which are the best ways to bond with him! You can learn more about him by visiting his profile.

If you don’t live near the ASPCA Adoption Center, but you’d still like to adopt during National Senior Pet Month, there are many more amazing cats and dogs like these available at your local shelter or through our friends at Animal Care Centers of NYC!

If you aren’t quite ready for adoption, but you’re able to open your doors to a senior animal temporarily, you can still make a big impact by becoming a foster caregiver! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, OhioWeaverville, North CarolinaNew York City and Los Angeles (cat fosters only).