Little Puppies Have Lots of Love for Guardians

June 24, 2021

Your love for animals is appreciated every single month, and we want to share some puppies in our care who have been on the receiving end of your love.

Lydia arrived at the ASPCA barely eight weeks old, and immediately warmed the hearts of ASPCA staff.

Lydia was surrendered when her pet parent could no longer provide the care she needed. Lydia’s medical needs will be treated and monitored by specialists to ensure she can live her happiest, healthiest life.

Your monthly contributions mean that we do not hesitate when animals like Lydia cross our path. We know that with friends like you by our side, we can provide the care they desperately need.

Whether they are rescued from a cruel situation, receive treatment at the Behavioral Rehabilitation Center or get urgent medical care at the ASPCA Animal Hospital—puppies require special attention. Guardian support means the ASPCA can be there for them when they need us most.

When we responded to assist the rescue of more than 90 dogs from a dilapidated trailer, mother dogs gave birth to tiny puppies after the rescue. Your reliable contributions mean we can provide urgent care for all animals who need us, including innocent puppies and kittens who are welcomed into the world in our care.

We hope these sweet faces are a reminder of all the animals your generosity reaches when you give monthly. Thank you for your continued support.