ASPCA Assists with Removal of More Than 90 Neglected Dogs from Eastern Ohio Home

May 26, 2021

a responder in protective gear holding a rescued dog

At the request of Belmont County Animal Rescue League (BCARL), the ASPCA is on the ground assisting with the rescue of more than 90 neglected, mixed-breed dogs from a property in Shadyside, Ohio. We are supporting the case by providing assistance with operational planning and removal, evidence collection, forensic exams, legal assistance, medical and behavioral care and relocation to an emergency shelter operated by the ASPCA. Any criminal charges resulting from this case will be handled by the Belmont County Prosecutor’s Office.

a responder in protective gear carying a rescued dog

a responder in protective gear holding a rescued dog

When investigators arrived on scene, they found the animals living in a single-wide dilapidated trailer, and many were confined to a dark room with no access to fresh air, food or water. The dogs were exposed to dangerous levels of ammonia, and deceased dogs were also found on scene. Some animals had severe untreated medical conditions—including puncture wounds, scarring and painful eye conditions—and several puppies and dogs found needed emergency transport to receive critical care.

a rescued puppy being examined

a rescued dog on the examination table

“When we initially began investigating this case, we quickly realized that a rescue of this size would tax our resources,” said Howard Goldman, Director of Operations for BCARL. “We recognized the importance of acting quickly, so we reached out to the ASPCA for assistance who has since played a vital role in this case. We are grateful to have also received cooperation from local law enforcement at the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office, Adult Protective Services, and other Belmont County entities.” 

a responder holding a small puppy

a rescued dog being examined

“Working alongside law enforcement and animal welfare professionals to assist with cases of cruelty and neglect is a key part of the ASPCA’s work to improve the lives of animals in communities nationwide,” said Teresa Ladner, Senior Director of Investigations for the ASPCA Legal Advocacy & Investigations team. “While many of the dogs rescued today will require medical and behavioral treatment, we are grateful to collaborate with BCARL and the Belmont County Prosecutor’s Office to bring these neglected animals to safety and provide them with the much-needed care and attention they deserve.”

rescued puppies