National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is back and we’re counting on you to join us! This year we’ve teamed up with pit bull advocate, Patrick Stewart, to get tough on dog fighting. There's no question dog fighting is a deplorable crime. While it’s illegal in every state, there are still tens of thousands of dogs forced to train, fight, and suffer every year. Join us by signing the pledge, sharing a selfie and making a donation today!

Your voice is more important than ever. Help us generate 50,000 signatures advocating against dog fighting.

Let people know you are taking a stand against dog fighting. Snap a muscle-flexing selfie and share it on your social channels using the hashtag #GetTough.

Please consider making a donation to help us end animal cruelty once and for all.

Learn more about dog fighting and the ASPCA’s work to end it.

Life on a Chain:
The ASPCA Working to End Dogfighting