Selfies Against Slaughter!

Say neigh to horse slaughter by taking action with our fun social media challenge!

We are getting ready for Congress’s annual vote to prevent horse slaughter from returning to the U.S. Representatives Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-CA) and Charlie Dent (R-PA) are leading the charge this year with the Stop Horse Slaughter Amendment (formally titled the Roybal-Allard/Dent Amendment), which will block the use of federal tax dollars to fund horse slaughterhouse inspections for another year.

Please join us as we set out to make sure that every legislator who will cast a vote on this amendment sees and hears from us on why they must vote YES to Stop Horse Slaughter.

Here's how it works!

In order to reach the next level, you must complete the preceding levels in order—see how many levels you can complete. You can even win awesome prizes while you help horses!

Level 1: Complete to earn an ASPCA gift box

1. Print the #SelfiesAgainstSlaughter sign here.

2. Take it to distinct locations around your congressional district (such as your local town hall, an important monument, your representative’s office, a well-known coffee shop, horse barns, farmers markets, etc.) and snap a selfie with the sign. If you can’t get out to a local hot spot, snap a selfie with your dog or your horse and the sign.

3. Post your selfie to your U.S representative’s Facebook page and tweet it to him or her by tagging your rep’s handle with a message like these below.

If you don't know your legislator's social media accounts, you can find them here. Be sure to include the hashtag #SelfiesAgainstSlaughter in your posts so that we'll be able to track your progress.

Vote YES to stop #HorseSlaughter in the U.S.!

We are counting on your YES vote to protect horses from slaughter!

America loves horses! Please keep them safe from slaughter and vote YES on ag approps

Don’t use my tax dollars for #HorseSlaughter!

Vote YES to prevent government supported #HorseSlaughter

4.  Share your selfie on the Horse Action Team Facebook page for all your fellow HAT members to see. You can help inspire others to get out and snap selfies to stop horse slaughter!

Level 2: Complete to earn a “Love Horses, Stop Slaughter” ASPCA baseball cap!

1. Visit your representative’s district office to drop off Roybal-Allard/Dent Amendment information. Snap a selfie in front of their office with your #SelfiesAgainstSlaughter sign.

2. At the office, ask to take a selfie with a staffer. You don’t need the sign for this one – just get the selfie with the staffer.

3. Then, post the selfie to your representative’s Facebook and Twitter pages with one of the messages above, and to the Horse Action Team Facebook page. Remember to add a “thanks for the visit” and include the hashtag #SelfiesAgainstSlaughter in your post. 

Level 3: Complete to earn an ASPCA t-shirt and a feature story on your collective efforts in our next HAT Newsletter

1. Attend a town hall or schedule a meeting with your representative, and ask to snap a selfie with them. Use this opportunity to talk with him or her about how important protecting horses from slaughter is to you!

2. Post the selfie to your representative’s Facebook and Twitter pages and to the Horse Action Team Facebook page. Please ask them to vote YES to Stop Horse Slaughter and include the hashtag #SelfiesAgainstSlaughter your posts!

To print out your #SelfiesAgainstSlaughter sign, right-click on the image below and save it to your desktop, or download it here.