Volunteer With Us: Help Increase Access to Veterinary Care in Colorado!


The ASPCA is recruiting a special group of volunteers to help Colorado Initiative 145 secure a spot on the November ballot. Initiative 145 would establish a master’s degree-level veterinary professional associate (VPA) role, which is similar to a physician assistant or nurse practitioner in human healthcare. VPAs will be able to examine animals, diagnose minor conditions, perform routine surgeries and lead teams, all while under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

A critical shortage of veterinarians is limiting the availability of appointments and driving up the cost of veterinary care. The VPA role is intended to tackle these challenges head on by absorbing some of the work that has historically been designated to licensed veterinarians.

You can make a huge difference for people and pets by helping gather the signatures needed before July 31, 2024. Volunteers will receive training about Initiative 145 and the process of collecting signatures of support.

Join the #COYesOn145 movement – please complete the form below to sign up today! 

Questions? Email us at [email protected].