Volunteer With Us: Help Increase Access to Veterinary Care in Colorado!

an older dog on a woman's lap looking at her phone

Animal advocates in Colorado have a unique opportunity to help expand access to veterinary telehealth in their communities and throughout the state. The ASPCA is recruiting a special group of volunteers to help a veterinary care initiative secure a spot on the November ballot. This initiative would increase access to vet care by allowing veterinarians to assess and treat new and existing patients through video technology, as doctors do with many human patients.

Veterinary telehealth is a critically important tool for increasing the availability of veterinary care and preventing animals from suffering. It enables pets who have severe anxiety, mobility problems, and other medical conditions to access veterinary care from home; it offers flexibility for pet owners with busy schedules or long drives to the clinic; and it enables veterinarians to continue providing excellent medical care when clinics are short-staffed. Learn more about veterinary telemedicine!

Volunteers will receive training to inform Coloradans about the initiative and collect signatures of support. The first training opportunity is coming up on April 4! You can make a huge difference for people and pets by helping gather the 200,000 signatures needed before July 31, 2024.

Join the movement—please complete the form below to sign up today!

Questions? Email us at [email protected].