Therapy Animal Program

Thank You for Your Interest in Volunteering With Your Pet!

As of September 2018, the ASPCA has discontinued our Therapy Animal Program and will no longer serve as a Pet Partners Community Partner in New York City. This change allows us to further focus the ASPCA’s critical and limited resources on the areas where we can make the greatest impact to help animals in need.

We’re proud of our long time affiliation with Pet Partners and encourage you to contact them directly for more information about Therapy Animals:

For prospective volunteers:

To have Therapy Animals visit your facility:

Note: Therapy animals are not service or emotional support animals and are not granted legal rights of access. If you require a service animal, please contact a local member of Assistance Dogs International. If you need an emotional support animal, acquire a relevant letter from your licensed mental health provider. If you’re not disabled, and facing a pet related housing conflict in New York City, these people can help: