Maltese Mix
10 years

What’s better than one senior dog? Two senior dogs! Noodle and Gracie are looking for a comfy home where they can spend their golden years together. Noodle is a sweet older lady who just wants one thing: attention! She’s still got some pep in her step and is ready to step her way right into your heart!

Big fan of: People! If Noodle was a person, she’d be that grandma that’s always waiting at the door for her grandkids to come visit. This girl loves everyone she meets, and she isn’t shy about letting them know! As soon as you take a seat, Noodle jumps right into your lap. And when you walk away, she always trails right behind you! But Noodle doesn’t want to be around just her human friends—she always wants to be around her pup bud Gracie, too! They’re the epitome of connected at the hip.

Special features: Noodle is tough as nails! This girl went through a lot before coming to the ASPCA Adoption Center and is missing her lower jaw. It doesn’t slow her down one bit and makes for more cute faces than you could imagine!

Dream home: Noodle is looking for an experienced dog owner. She must go home with her BFF Gracie, and they can live with children of any age.