Miniature Poodle Mix
10 years

Gracie and Noodle are on the hunt for a retirement home where they can spend every second together! This senior gal is as sweet and calm as she looks. She’s already done and seen it all and is ready to kick her feet up and relax with a new family by her side! Could your family be a match?

Big fan of: Taking it easy! Gracie’s favorite hobby is putting on a comfy sweater—literally—and curling up for some nice R&R. She can be a little nervous around new people, but once Gracie’s comfortable she turns from a dog into a lovebug! This sweet girl will rest her head right on your lap and eat up all the pets and scratches you can give. Gracie is the definition of “calm, cool and collected,” but she has a fun side, too! She gets particularly excited when she sees Noodle excited.

Special features: Gracie is the ying to Noodle’s yang! While Noodle has the outgoing personality of a young pup, Gracie is more reserved. She takes some time warming up to new people and places and counts on Noodle to show her all the amazing things out there to explore!

Dream home: Gracie is looking for an experienced dog owner who will give her time to adjust to her new surroundings. She must go home with her friend Noodle.