Black/ White
7 months

Umbra is a special little kitten! From what we know, she and her BFF Gravity have spent their entire lives together, and in their previous home they did not get the chance to become comfortable around and socialized well with people. After spending some time at the ASPCA, Umbra has started to come out of her shell—she still startles at loud sounds and takes a minute to warm up, but once she’s comfortable Umbra headbutts your hands to ask for lots of pets! It’s clear just how happy she is to get some love by her cute little purr and the way she kneads on whatever is closest. Umbra also still has that kitten spunk everyone knows and loves—pull out a toy and this gal will be one happy kitten!

Umbra is looking for an experienced cat adopter in a quiet, adults-only home who understands she will need time to settle in. She absolutely adores her BFF Gravity, so they must go home together.

Umbra and Gravity are bonded. They must go home together.