Brown Tabby
7 months

Gravity is a special little kitten! From what we know, he and his BFF Umbra have spent their entire lives together, and in their previous home they did not get the chance to become comfortable around and well socialized with people. Gravity was very scared when first arriving to the ASPCA, but every day he gets better and better! He is still pretty shy around strangers and is learning to come out of his shell, but Gravity has started to realize that petting isn’t so scary—it’s actually nice! Gravity loves quiet, gentle attention, especially if toys and treats are involved. Deep down, this kitty has a goofy side and loves to show it off during a fun play session with him, his humans and Umbra.

Gravity is looking for an experienced cat adopter in a quiet, adults-only home who understands he will need time to settle in. He can’t imagine life without his best friend Umbra, so they must go home together.

Gravity and Umbra are bonded. They must go home together.