Brown Tabby
4 years

There’s just something about Starlite’s beautiful auburn eyes that simply draws you in. But, there’s so much more to this kitty than just her good looks. Starlite can be rather shy at first and appreciates patience and a slow approach. With time, this sweet girl begins to emerge from her safe spaces and show her true personality—a cat who adores pets and scratches! Once she’s comfortable around her people, Starlite adores gentle affection so much that she can often be found kneading or rolling around on the floor. Aside from getting love, Starlite’s favorite hobby is curling up for a good nap with her friend Skylar. These two absolutely adore each other and can more often than not be found cuddling!

Starlite loves her BFF Skylar, so they must go home together. These two lovely ladies are looking for an experienced cat adopter who lives in a quiet home and understands that they will need a few weeks to settle in and may always be somewhat shy. Small kids can be too much for them, so they would prefer to live with children ages 14 and up. If you think you may be a good fit, come meet Starlite and Skylar today!

Starlite and Skylar