Grey/White Bicolor
2 years

Sweet and shy—that’s our girl Satin! Between her and her buddy Flannel, Satin is definitely the more sensitive kitty. She tends to be very nervous in new places and around people she hasn’t met before, so this lady will need time and patience as she slowly adjusts to a new home. Once she feels ready Satin enjoys quiet, gentle attention on her terms and may even partake in a fun wand toy game if she’s feeling rowdy! Just like her buddy Flannel, Satin loves playing with jingly balls and bird-watching from her favorite spot on the window sill.

Satin needs an adopter who will give her the time she needs to become comfortable in her new home. She can’t imagine life without Flannel, so they must go home together—preferably to a quiet home with kids ages 12 and up.