2 years

It’s starting to get chilly out, so it’s time to bundle up with some Flannel! Compared to his BFF Satin, Flannel is the more curious and outgoing of the two cats. When he isn’t busy cuddling with, playing with or even grooming Satin, Flannel absolutely adores keeping himself busy and entertained! Whether he’s playing with a fun jingly ball, watching the birds fly by from a comfy spot in the window or jumping up and down from his favorite cat tree, Flannel has plenty of hobbies. And he’d love to get you involved in too, because this kitty loves making and interacting with human friends! A lap cat, Flannel always wants to be close to his people. He even doesn’t mind being picked up and held!

Flannel is a smart kitty, but he had trouble consistently using his litterbox in his previous home. Our Behavior team can give you plenty of tips to set him up for success! Because Flannel loves his friend Satin so much, they must go home together and would prefer a quiet home with kids ages 12 and up.