Zev the Playful Kitten Pounces Back

June 20, 2018


Zev relaxes in his loving home.

We first met Zev (now Logan) when he came to the ASPCA as a stray in May 2017. At the time, this tiny black and white kitten was only one month old, but he had already faced a rougher start to life than most. Zev had fallen victim to several infections and—upon arrival—was rushed to the ASPCA Animal Hospital

Due to the severity of his infections, ASPCA vets made the difficult decision to remove Zev’s left eye to prevent him from further pain and discomfort. His right eye also developed significant, but non-painful, scarring.

This brave kitten fortunately bounced back and made a full recovery. To this day, he is able to run and purr and play like any other cat; he has no idea that he is “different.” Following his surgery, he was transferred to our Kitten Nursery for a four-month stint before meeting his new mom. Alana V. said she knew she wanted to adopt from the ASPCA after previously witnessing our work and was happy to turn this little guy’s life around for the better.

Zev in his bed

One-year-old Zev’s vision remains impaired, but he doesn’t let that stop him from playing at home. Alana jokes that she was really just looking for a “movie buddy” but got more than she bargained for. Zev loves to play, and especially enjoys chasing toys with strings. When he doesn’t get enough exercise, this curious cat always finds other ways to amuse himself—including pouncing on his owner’s feet! Alana says it’s important “to remember to have patience with a cat; you don’t know what might have happened to them.”

Zev laying on his back

Zev may have had a tumultuous start in life, but thanks to Alana, he has found a very loving home. We couldn’t be more delighted to share this brave kitty’s story of recovery. You can create your own “Happy Tail” by adopting a shelter cat today! You can also make a big difference for cats and kittens by becoming a foster caregiver. Visit Meow For Now to see how you can save lives by opening up your home for just a short time to cats or kittens in need.