Kitten Nursery


During the summer feline breeding season, known as kitten season, animal shelters across the country are flooded with vulnerable newborn cats. To accommodate this seasonal influx of felines, the ASPCA opened a facility in 2014 dedicated to the care and treatment of neonatal (newborn) kittens. The city’s first high-volume Kitten Nursery provides care for felines too young to survive on their own.


Caring for newborn cats is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, as these young animals require round-the-clock attention. Now, more than ever, the Nursery relies on foster volunteers to aid in this care. Kittens spend the majority of their time in foster homes, with only those requiring close medical monitoring staying on-site at the ASPCA. The Nursery serves both nursing cats with litters and orphaned kittens that are taken in by Animal Care Centers of New York City (ACC) throughout the five boroughs on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of kittens does the Nursery help?

The Nursery serves both nursing cats with litters and orphaned kittens up to eight weeks old. These kittens usually come to us through Animal Care Centers of New York City (ACC) and from the public throughout the five boroughs. The Nursery has a particular focus on kittens with greater medical needs, helping them through the most vulnerable stage of their lives, until they are old enough and healthy enough for adoption. 

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help kittens! Consider becoming a kitten foster for the ASPCA in NYC or at a shelter near you!

What can I expect with kitten fostering?

Most kittens that come to us require frequent visits to the Nursery for recheck appointments due to medical needs and will stay with foster caregivers until they are adopted. The time commitment varies based on the kitten’s age, but the average foster period for kittens is between two to eight weeks. If this sounds like right fit for you, learn more about how to apply to foster with us!

What if I found a kitten?

Follow our step-by-step found kitten guide and get all the information you need for next steps.

Can I adopt a Nursery kitten?

Kittens are available for adoption after they are spayed or neutered. The ASPCA Adoption Center consistently has kittens available for adoption during the summer months.