Your Voice Matters: Virtual Advocacy at Home

June 17, 2020

Patriotic Dog

  • Now more than ever, animals need citizen lobbyists to take a stand against animal suffering and voice their concerns to their elected officials.
  • The ASPCA offers a variety of educational webinars that can help you be a better advocate for animal welfare.
  • You can speak up for animals and advocate from home by joining our volunteer advocacy programs.

Though the novel coronavirus has upended our “normal” routines, people across the nation are still fighting for animal protection issues—even during these dire times. As federal agencies continue to shirk their lawful mandates to protect animals from cruelty and as corporations continue to ignore moral obligations to their employees and animals, we are proud to have our members stand with us against these injustices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated people and animals alike. Now more than ever, we need citizen lobbyists to take a stand against animal suffering and voice those concerns to elected officials at every level of government. Without your crucial input, governmental agencies will go unchecked—doling out licenses to increase slaughter speed lines and allowing businesses to sell cruelly-bred puppy mill puppies during a national pandemic. What’s more, large corporations will continue to squeeze every inch of profit out of animals with no regard for their wellbeing or health. This is exactly why using your power as a voter and as a crusader for animal welfare is needed now more than ever.  

With half of all employed Americans working from home, virtual advocacy is at an all-time high! You can take action for animals from the safety of your own home, on your own time. Over the last few months, individuals from across the country have pledged to do what they can for animals by writing letters to the editor of their local newspaper, better educating themselves on animal welfare issues and sending emails to their elected officials.

Effecting real change for animals through legislation requires a multifaceted approach. Virtual engagement presents a perfect opportunity for those who are unable to volunteer at animal shelters, for students whose internships have been suspended and for any individual who wants to help animals. The ASPCA is offering a variety of educational webinars to help you better understand the basics of advocating for animals through legislation—including webinars on how to identify your lawmakers, how a bill becomes a law, how to lobby your lawmakers and more. Virtual advocacy provides opportunities to stay connected and contribute at a time when many are feeling isolated. Let’s all come together (virtually, of course!) and create a groundswell of support for animal protection!

If you’re interested in learning more about engaging with lawmakers and advocating for animals in a virtual age, apply for one of our three volunteer teams today! The Regional Advocacy Field Team (RAFT) is a volunteer program that offers training on lobbying your legislators, hosts engaging monthly meetings and much more! The District Captain volunteer program is for individuals who want to take on a leadership role in the animal welfare community. And if you’re interested in taking action for equines, consider joining the ASPCA’s Horse Action Team (HAT). HAT volunteers work closely with us to ban horse slaughter for good and protect our nation’s at-risk wild horses by encouraging federal lawmakers to vote the right way. You can commit to protecting animals across the country by joining one of our volunteer programs today!