Your “Bright Spot” Winner Revealed!

February 11, 2021

While last year proved to be filled with many challenges, our work to protect and care for animals who needed us most never stopped. In honor of a new year filled with hope, we wanted to share a few of our favorite “bright spots” from the ASPCA. We asked you to pick which moment, made possible by animal lovers like you, was your favorite. And now it’s time to reveal the winner!

Winner: Zola!

Former cruelty victim, Zola, charms her foster parents.

When Zola came to us in December 2019, it was due to suspected cruelty. . She had a severe injury to her back leg, consistent with blunt force trauma. The injury sadly required amputation, but everyone knew this strong girl would make a full recovery and have a beautiful life ahead of her.

Due to the pandemic, when Zola was ready to begin her journey toward adoption at the ASPCA Adoption Center, her plans changed. However, thanks to our great foster program, this road bump was ultimately what changed her life forever.

Zola was placed with Meghan, a Canine Caregiver at the ASPCA Canine Annex for Recovery Enrichment (CARE). Meghan was happy to care for Zola during their temporary situation. Yet, as the two spent more time together, their bond strengthened. So much so, that when it came time for their foster period to end, Meghan knew she couldn’t let Zola go. So, she and her partner made it official and adopted Zola! The family now lives a very happy life with Zola’s new canine brother, Mozart, and their cat!

Rambo’s recovery after suffering from a broken leg.

Rambo before surgery

Back in April, poor little Rambo broke his leg. The three-month-old pup was brought to the ASPCA Bronx Community Veterinary Center (CVC) where his injury was assessed. He was then transported to the ASPCA Animal Hospital (AAH) where he was taken directly to surgery for a fracture repair.

Rambo's x-rays

Rambo did so well during surgery and has since recovered. He’s now able to run around like the adorable puppy he is thanks to the quick work of our veterinary teams and Rambo’s pet parents!

Michael and Dwight finally found a loving home!

Michael and Dwight the cats

This regional meownager and assistant to the regional meownager have had quite the eventful life! The brothers came into our care in July 2018 when they were still just kittens nursing from their mother. After recovering from some medical flare-ups, they were made available for adoption in through our team in Los Angeles.

They were adopted in January 2019 but unfortunately returned in August through no fault of their own. Michael and Dwight remained together in a foster home until they were made available for adoption for a second time, this time with our adoption partner, Annenberg Petspace.

The dynamic duo were officially adopted in November 2020 and have since been living their best lives in a loving home that they can call their own!

A record-breaking year for horse adoption!

Woman on horse

Unlike cats and dogs, horses tend to move through a few homes during their lives and aren’t often top-of-mind when it comes to adoption. Thanks to the ASPCA’s Right Horse Partners, we transitioned more than 3,000 horses into adoptive homes in 2020! In addition, countless other horses were helped through foster programs and our Regional Support Center in Oklahoma and our work for our hoofed friends continues into 2021.

We can’t wait to see the amazing “bright spots” that occur in 2021, all of which wouldn’t be possible without people like you! Thank you for always making hope and our work possible for animals in need.