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The ASPCA in Los Angeles, CA

As a national animal welfare organization, the ASPCA’s role is to ensure the safety and protection of animals everywhere. While progress for homeless animals has been made by local organizations in Los Angeles, their annual shelter intake is still more than 170,000 animals—and roughly half of them don’t make it out. Over the past decade, the ASPCA has developed a model for saving lives in high-density urban environments that struggle with animal homelessness, and we aim to replicate our past successes in Los Angeles.


In partnership with existing city and county animal welfare organizations, the ASPCA has made a $25 million, multi-year commitment to the Los Angeles metropolitan area to provide critical services that will save lives and keep more pets with their families.

Working with the local animal welfare community in L.A., we’re taking a multi-faceted, collaborative approach:

  • An ASPCA-operated spay/neuter facility serving the pets of South L.A.-area residents and animals sheltered at the South Los Angeles, Chesterfield Square Animal Care Center;
  • A relocation program moving animals to communities where they will have a greater likelihood of being adopted;
  • A Safety Net program designed to help animals at risk of being surrendered to county shelters, by providing access to services such as subsidized veterinary care, spay/neuter, humane euthanasia, pet supplies and boarding;
  • A robust grants program (more than $250,000 annually) to support local animal-welfare partners.
  • Just as we’ve done and continue to do in other parts of the country, our number-one priority in Los Angeles is to improve outcomes for at-risk animals. It’s through partnership programs like this that we’re best able to provide resources, expertise and support to the communities that need them most.