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The ASPCA in Los Angeles, CA

**The ASPCA® is committed to prioritizing the health and safety of the community, the animals in our care, and our staff. Please note that we have adjusted our services as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis:
  • Found Kittens: If you found kittens outside and need assistance, please see more information on next steps at aspca.org/FoundKittens.
  • Spay/Neuter: Effective immediately, all ASPCA spay/neuter services are temporarily suspended. Please check back on this page for updates on when services will be resumed.
  • Veterinary Services: If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please call your nearest veterinary emergency hospital or contact ASPCA at (844) KEEP-PET (844-533-7738) to discuss assistance options.
Safety Notice: In order to help us continue to serve pets in need, we ask that clients who have recently traveled to a high-risk state or country, had any exposure to symptomatic or confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, are confirmed positive themselves, or are feeling ill, to please reschedule your appointment or have another caregiver/family member bring your pet in for their appointment.**

As a national animal welfare organization, the ASPCA’s role is to ensure the safety and protection of animals everywhere. While progress for homeless animals has been made by local organizations in Los Angeles, their annual shelter intake is still more than 170,000 animals—and roughly half of them don’t make it out. Over the past decade, the ASPCA has developed a model for saving lives in high-density urban environments that struggle with animal homelessness, and we aim to replicate our past successes in Los Angeles.

Need Assistance with a Pet in the Los Angeles Area?

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, please call your nearest veterinary emergency hospital or contact ASPCA at (844) KEEP-PET (844-533-7738) for further assistance.

To report animal cruelty, contact your local Police Department by dialing 911. To report animal neglect or if you need assistance with a found animal, contact Los Angeles County Animal Care or call (562) 940-6898 for more information. L.A. City residents can contact the L.A. City Police Department or call (213) 486-0450.

For a list of frequently asked question please visit aspca.org/LAFAQ.

For all other requests, submit a web form inquiry and we will reach out within 72 hours.

Si su mascota tiene una emergencia médica, comuníquese con el hospital veterinario de emergencia más cercano o con ASPCA al (844) KEEP-PET (844-533-7738) para recibir ayuda.

Para denunciar un caso de crueldad hacia los animales, comuníquese con su Departamento de Policía local llamando al 911. Para reportar un caso de negligencia animal, o si necesita ayuda con un animal que encontró, comuníquese con El Refugio de Animales del Condado de Los Ángeles  o llame al (562) 940-6898 para obtener más información. Para residentes de la cuidad de Los Ángeles comuníquese con La Policía de La Cuidad de Los Ángeles o llame al  (213) 486-0450

Para ver una lista de preguntas frecuentes, favor de visitar aspca.org/LAFAQ.

Para cualquier otra solicitud, llene un formulario web de consulta, y nos comunicaremos con usted dentro de las 72 horas.