Want Animals to Live Cage-Free? Vote Yes on 3!

July 12, 2016

Vote Yes on 3!

Big news for farm animals! On Election Day, Massachusetts voters will have the historic opportunity to vote YES on ballot question number 3 to ensure that mother sows, egg-laying hens and calves raised for veal have at least enough room to stand up, turn around and extend their limbs or wings.

Fueled by more than 1,000 volunteers across the state and backed by a diverse coalition of environmental, workers’ rights, farming and animal groups, including the ASPCA, the Citizens for Farm Animal Protection campaign turned in more than double the necessary number of signatures to qualify this landmark animal-protection measure for the state ballot.

Pressured by big agribusiness, the Massachusetts General Court (the state legislature) has failed to pass similar bills in the past despite overwhelming support from the public. Now, Massachusetts residents have taken the issue into their own hands, and when they vote for our next president in November, they will also have the chance to vote YES to ban the sale of eggs, veal and pork from facilities that confine animals in cramped, overcrowded cages for virtually their entire lives.

The ASPCA thanks all of our dedicated supporters in Massachusetts who collected signatures, shared information and powered this effort to this point. Now, we need your help to cross the finish line in November! If you live in Massachusetts and want to participate in this campaign, check out our District Captain program. If you’re not in Massachusetts, share the great news about ballot question 3 with friends and family who are!

Lastly, if you care about farm animals and want to learn how you can make a daily difference through your food purchases, please visit Shop With Your Heart.