Three Kittens Found in a Garbage Bag Look for Their Perfect Adopters

June 22, 2017

On April 18, 2017, police officers responded to a unique 911 call in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. The 911 caller had discovered four small kittens, barely a month old, desperately trying to wriggle out of a tied trash bag. Though someone had thrown these sweet kittens out like trash, NYPD moved quickly to save their young lives.

Sadly, one of the kittens was unable to hold on, and passed away shortly after being found. The three remaining survivors, though weak and in need of medical care, held on as the officers brought them into the ASCPA Animal Recovery Center (ARC). These kittens needed help, and in this case, time was certainly of the essence.

Bert at intake at the ASPCA Animal Recovery Center.

Once in the care of the ASPCA veterinary staff, the kittens were treated for dehydration and bottle-fed for one week before being transferred to the ASPCA Kitten Nursery. In this time, they were also given names: Bert, Elmo and Oscar. The tough kitties spent the next three weeks being bottle-fed, bathed, groomed and monitored by staff and volunteers. In this time, they responded to treatment and soon begin to thrive as young kittens should.

Oscar after his time at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery.

“At under four weeks of age, Bert, Elmo and Oscar required around-the-clock care at the ASPCA Animal Hospital and Kitten Nursery,” said Gail Buchwald, Senior Vice President of the ASPCA Adoption Center. She went on to discuss the intensive care needed for kittens abandoned at this age. “Orphaned kittens need to be hand-fed every two to five hours, kept warm, hydrated and monitored very carefully,” she says, adding that these three survivors were a few of thousands of vulnerable kittens that the Kitten Nursey sees each year. “Bert, Elmo and Oscar benefitted from the efforts of dozens of veterinarians, technicians, and adoption staff who helped them grow into the strong, healthy and fun-loving kittens they are today. We’re thrilled that these three join the thousands of other kitten lives saved through this NYC program.”

Elmo after his time at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery.

Once Bert, Elmo and Oscar moved to the Pee Wee section of the nursery, they were eating on their own, and only had to reach a certain age and weight in order to move onto the ASPCA Adoption Center, and begin their search for loving homes.

Bert looking healthy after his time at the ASPCA Kitten Nursery.

"Tossing away four innocent kittens like garbage is an unthinkable act,” said Howard Lawrence, Vice President of the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement team. “Given their young age, Bert, Elmo and Oscar were fortunate to have survived. For these three kittens, a call was the difference between life and death.”

Playtime for the three kitties!

Bert has already found his permanent home, and both Elmo and Oscar will be up for adoption this weekend.

If you believe that you have witnessed animal cruelty, please call 311, or 911 for a crime in progress. Help us protect those who cannot speak for themselves.