These Kitties in New York City Are Looking to “Zoom” into New Homes

June 3, 2020

adoptable cats

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we temporarily closed the ASPCA Adoption Center to the public. The health and safety of the community, our staff and the animals in our care are priorities to the ASPCA. But homeless animals across the country are still in need of loving homes, and we have new procedures in place to ensure safe, minimal-contact adoptions of the animals in our care.

Adoption Center residents are currently living in foster homes, where they have been receiving special attention and care from their foster families and are comfortably waiting for that special someone to spot them. 

Our adoptable animals haven’t been able to show off their personalities and showcase their special skills to potential adopters like they used to, but some of our adoptable cats are ready to meet potential companions right now, and you can meet them virtually from the comfort of your own home! This weekend, the ASPCA celebrates our National Adoption Weekend from June 5-7. During this special event, we are encouraging people nationwide to #AdoptFromHome and help more animals.

So, we welcome you take a look at some of our available NYC kitties on our website and get more information on our remote adoption process and how you can virtually meet your new BFF. New feline friends will be added on our website over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back if you don’t see someone who catches your eye right away.

Check out a few of our special NYC cats!


Yaya is looking to curl up in some cozy blankets and hang out with her human. She enjoys gentle attention from her person—if you bring out a brush you will certainly pique her interest! Yaya loves a good grooming session before returning to her busy retirement schedule of lounging around and napping.  


Phil is a sensitive kitty. A slow and steady approach can win this sweet guy’s heart! He can be lured out of his safe, hiding places with a wand toy. Once he’s comfortable, he’ll start requesting playtime and even pets from his humans!


Snickerdoodle is a goofy guy who is sure to brighten your day with his silly kitty antics. He absolutely loves playtime, which benefits his humans too. Daily play sessions help Snickerdoodle sleep through the night snuggled with his humans in bed.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and even if you can’t adopt, please share this post with your family and friends through social media to help our NYC cats get more visibility!