Sprint—Don’t Walk—to Adopt This Playful Cat!

June 23, 2023


Ready to rush headlong into being a cat parent? Sprint may be just your speed!

Sprint is a playful boy who likes to live life in the fast lane here in New York City, especially when wand toys are involved! He really enjoys settling into long play sessions where he can bat around wand and string toys.

When it comes to socializing with his human friends, Sprint prefers to slow things down and interact with them on his own terms. He’s looking for a patient adopter willing to let him adjust to a new space at his own pace and avoiding forced interactions with him. Slow and steady wins over Sprint’s affections!


Children may be new to Sprint, but he has previously lived with other cats. A Matchmaker can discuss whether Sprint is the right match for your home, as well as go over his medical history with you. Our team can help you set him up for success in the home!

Do you want to go the distance with Sprint in the tri-state area? Race over to his profile to complete an application!