Tulip Is a Shy Cat Looking for a Loving Home – Will You Help Her Blossom?

May 15, 2024


The spring season is here, so beautiful flowers are blooming all around us – like our sweet cat, Tulip! She’s a shy gal, but with some love and patience, she will blossom into the wonderfully sweet kitty we know she is. Is your home the one she’s been looking for in the Los Angeles area?

Like many shy cats, Tulip can be timid in a new environment and around new people, so she’ll need some time to settle down and get used to things. She may startle with sudden sounds and movements, so she’d likely do best in a quiet home with a patient, understanding adopter. Tulip has grown quite comfortable in her foster home, where she has shown a lot of progress, and we’ve learned new things about her every day!


Once Tulip begins to open up in your home, you’ll see that she is a social and affectionate girl! She loves getting pets, being brushed and snacking on tasty treats. When it’s playtime, she loves to chase after feather toys, and she will cheerfully chat with you when she’s looking for attention. Tulip’s favorite time of day is bedtime, and she’ll let you know when she’s ready for bed with a few polite meows. She’ll happily hop into bed, and she even likes to burrow under the covers!

Tulip’s ideal home would have some quiet hidey spots where she can feel safe and cozy during the day. There is another cat in her foster home who she has done well with, and she has been indifferent to dogs. She may do well with older children who are gentle and respectful of her space. Tulip doesn’t ask for too much – she’s a happy camper with people who love and understand her!

If you are looking for a cat in Los Angeles, and you have a warm spot on your bed for Tulip to curl up on, visit her profile to learn more about her!