This Specially-abled Pets Day, Help These Adorable, Unique Animals Find Homes

May 3, 2023


Sometimes, an adoptable animal doesn’t just need a home, they need a very special adopter, too. May 3 is Specially-abled Pets Day, so we hope that you will consider being that important person for an animal in need!

Specially-abled pets aren’t that different than other pets—they cuddle, play and show you how much they love you! But they may need an extra level of care or attention from their pet parents to make sure they’re safe, healthy and that their unique needs are met. When you add a specially-abled pet to your family, there’s nothing like the affection and appreciation you get back from them for giving them their best life possible.

Below are a few specially-abled pets that are available for adoption across the country. If you’re looking to welcome a new furry companion to your home with an open mind and heart, consider applying to meet one of our special friends today!

Meet Morgan in the tri-state area!


Morgan is an incredibly charming cat who just happens to be blind! He is looking for an adopter who will be patient as he adjusts to new surroundings, with slow introductions to each room. Once he settles in, he’s as affectionate and playful as can be! An environment where the furniture and surroundings don’t change frequently will be key to his wellbeing. If you’re keen to meet this handsome guy and you can give him the home he needs, check out his profile and apply today!

Ireland is waiting for you in West Virginia!


Ireland is a super smart horse who loves spending time with her people! Having only one eye doesn’t slow her down one bit. She has a goofy side when socializing with you, and she is easy to handle. She has a preference to riding outdoors, and she’s recommended for intermediate riders. If you’d like to learn more about adopting Ireland, visit her profile today!

Caleb in North Carolina needs a home!


Caleb is a friendly guy who would love to find a home with another dog friend to play with! He has sensitive skin issues that will require him to stay on a special diet so that he can be happy, healthy and comfortable. When that’s managed, he’s able to enjoy life like any other dog! If you’re the right person for this unique boy, check out his profile to learn more!

Stevie is looking for love in Los Angeles!


Stevie here is an incredibly social young guy who can’t wait to be your new BFF! He’d do especially well in a home with another friendly cat. He is blind, so his adopter would need to give him time and space to adjust to his new home. Soon enough, he’ll learn the room layouts and be running around confidently! If you’re the special adopter he’s been waiting for, you can apply for adoption on his profile!

If you are considering adopting a specially-abled pet, but you’re not local to one of these areas, locate a shelter near you to find a one-of-a-kind pet in need.

If you’re not in a position to adopt, but you’d still like to help care for some special animals, becoming a foster caregiver is another way to make a difference! You can foster for the ASPCA in Columbus, Ohio, Weaverville, North Carolina, New York City and Los Angeles.