Some Extra Special Kitties Need Your Help to Find Homes!

August 27, 2020

Cat being cradled

At the ASPCA Adoption Center, we’re so fortunate to have the pleasure of meeting so many special, unique and completely lovable animals every day. And we work our hardest to help these dogs and cats find the homes they deserve. But some of our favorite furry friends have special needs and require special, open-minded adopters. That’s why we need your help! 

If you’re considering opening your heart to a new feline friend, meet some of our adorable, special needs cats who are currently available for adoption. If you can’t adopt right now, share this post on your social media channels with your friends and family to help spread the word!


Buick spent almost his entire life living with one family. Now, as an 11-year-old senior gentleman, he’s hoping to find a new, loving home where he can spend his golden years enjoying all the good things life has to offer! Buick is truly one of the world’s sweetest, most loving cats. He can often be found seeking attention in the form of pets and scratches from his favorite people According to an ASPCA staff member, Buick is like “an elderly dog” when he wants pets—"he sits there with sad eyes and places one longing paw on your knee, begging for scratches!”

Buick has chronic kidney disease, which isn’t uncommon in older cats. He will need to be on a special prescription diet for life, and our Matchmakers would be happy to speak with potential adopters about how to manage this condition. Buick is hoping to find someone who is willing to look past his CKD and  will love him for the sweet boy he is. Read more about this special guy!


Cherub will draw you in with her sweet face, but you’ll stay for her darling personality. Aside from keeping up with her good looks, Cherub adores getting physical affection from her people. She prefers attention on her terms but has no qualms about showing you how much she loves it. When she’s happy, Cherub rolls on her back, kneads her paws and purrs—especially when chest and belly rubs are involved! Cherub also enjoys playtime and curling up in small, cozy spots. 

Cherub has a manageable heart condition and has had a tough time finding the right match. She needs someone patient and understanding, who will see her for the sweet girl she is. Our Matchmakers would be happy to speak more with potential adopters about how to keep Cherub happy and healthy in a new home. Learn more about this special kitty and see if she’d be a fit for your family!

Baby Girl

Baby Girl is a staff favorite! She wants to know everyone and has no problem greeting friends and strangers alike with a great meow as soon as they walk in the room. Baby Girl can be a little hesitant at first when it comes to petting, but don’t let that fool you. Give this attention-seeking kitty a moment and she’s sure to be rubbing all over your hands! Sometimes cats act differently in a home than they do in the shelter but even in her previous home Baby Girl could often be found following her favorite people around, plunking down in their laps as soon as they take a seat, and partaking in any type of game. Wand toys, cat dancers and laser lights are some of her favorite toys!

Baby Girl would be a great fit for many different types of families! She has some skin allergies that her new adopter will need to help her manage, but our Matchmakers have everything you need to know about keeping this little lady healthy and happy in her new home. If you want to make Baby Girl your baby girl, see more today!

Ms. Eliza

Ms. Eliza is an independent lady who likes to solicit attention and cuddles on her terms. Like most sophisticated ladies, she has no trouble letting her human know what she wants and when she wants it! She often likes to sit on your lap but prefers you to lie down so that she can sit on your chest! Ms. Eliza is also a well-groomed and playful lady; she enjoys being brushed, even tolerates nail trims and loves wand toys. 

Another unique personality trait of hers is that she prefers to drink water from a mug on a high surface! Ms. Eliza would make a regal companion and is looking for the right match. This special lady has skin allergies that are well-controlled by her current treatments and a prescription diet that will need to be continued long-term in her new home. Our Matchmakers would be happy to give potential adopters more information on how to manage this condition and give Ms. Eliza the comfortable, loving home she deserves. Learn more about our fair lady today!


This petite girl tends to be nervous in new places, but under Aioli’s shy exterior is a truly sweet kitty! Once she settles in and feels comfortable, Aioli loves affection, and she’s great at letting her people know when she’d like it and when she’s done. Currently experiencing life in an ASPCA office, Aioli can almost always be found walking back and forth on her human office mate’s desk, putting her own spin on emails by stepping on her keyboard and rubbing up against her constantly to ask for scratches. She’s a perfect Work from Home buddy! 

Aioli is looking for an adopter who understands that she will need time and confinement to adjust to any new home before showing her true colors—patience is key with this little lady. Aioli has some skin allergies that her new adopter will need to help her manage. Our Matchmakers would be happy to speak to any potential adopters more about Aioli’s needs. If you’re interested in Aioli, learn more about her and fill out our Cat Adoption Survey!

This month, as we celebrate Clear the Shelters 2020, we hope to find the right matches for so many of our special furry friends, and we thank you for helping to make loving adoptions possible every day.