Sensitive Stray Enjoys Office Life before Becoming Beloved Pet

February 8, 2017

Happy Tail: Archie

Did I mention I am allergic to cats? When he snuggles next to me and rests his chin on my shoulder, I melt (and then sneeze).” –Jennifer B. of New York, NY

March 2016 was coming to a close when we first met Archie. The shy, six-year-old tabby cat was brought into the ASPCA Animal Hospital as a stray by a Good Samaritan. Even though little was known about his history, our veterinary team quickly determined that Archie was perfectly healthy and sent him to the ASPCA Adoption Center to begin his search for a home.

The team at the Adoption Center noticed right away that Archie was a sensitive cat. It was unclear whether Archie had ever lived in a home with a family before, as he was nervous and unsure around new people and places. Despite this apprehension, we could tell that Archie was in fact very sweet, as he enjoyed quiet and gentle attention from his favorite people. Because of this timid nature, the team at the Adoption Center decided that it would be best for Archie to join the Office Foster program. This program allows some of our feline friends the opportunity to live in ASPCA team members' offices. Living in an office gives shy cats like Archie, who may have never lived in a home, the chance to have a more sociable and domestic living space, giving them an opportunity to come out of their shells. 

Archie in a scratching post box

During his time as an office foster kitty, independent Archie met Jennifer, Production Director of Creative Services at the ASPCA, and the foster caregiver that would soon change his life for the better. When Jennifer first decided to foster Archie, she had no idea what she was in for. Though familiar with the duties of a cat parent, this was Jennifer’s first foster since she began working with the ASPCA.

“I never planned on adopting another cat,” Jennifer says. She and her fiancée had recently suffered the loss of their fourth cat, and had gotten used to a new routine with their remaining three kitties. “We had just really settled into being a three ‘Cats’ Castle’ when I started fostering Archie.” Although a new cat friend had never been the plan, Archie began to bond with Jennifer as the months went by. “He was a most excellent office cat, except that for the first hour of every day, my right arm was only to be used as his chin rest,” she tells us jokingly about Archie’s office routine. 

Archie walking around

In her time as his foster, Jennifer promoted Archie across personal social channels, hoping to find him a loving home. She even caught the attention of an old friend from Miami who’d taken an interest in Archie. Jennifer’s friend was flying into New York for a short period of time, and it was decided that they would pick up Archie and then fly him back to his new home in South Florida. After being cleared by adoptions, Jennifer took Archie to LaGuardia Airport to greet his adopter.

However, things did not go exactly as planned. The pair hit a snag when it was announced that the anticipated flight from Miami would be delayed. “In that hour and a half we were waiting, I cried like a baby,” Jennifer says, knowing then that her attachment to Archie was stronger than she thought. “I realized I was firmly attached and could not bear to let Archie go.”

Jennifer then called her fiancée, Betty, who had seen this coming from the beginning. “Bring him home,” she said. So, that’s exactly what Jennifer did. 

Archie and Jennifer

Jennifer officially adopted Archie into her family in September, and although his three furry family members have needed time and patience to adjust to their new brother, Archie couldn’t be happier. “He loves to rampage—running at full speed from one room into the next, and he turns out to be a massive snuggler,” Jennifer says lovingly.   

After Archie’s journey of homelessness and uncertainty, Jennifer was able to give her office cat the loving home and family he deserved. It truly was the perfect match.