Ruby’s Road to Home

May 28, 2020

Ruby with a toy at the Adoption Center

A week after Taylor W.’s English bulldog, Daisy, passed away, she and her partner, Natalie T., knew they needed a new dog in their lives.

“Daisy suffered a grand mal seizure on her seventh birthday, October 25,” says Taylor. “I needed a purpose again. I didn’t know what to do without having a dog to care for.”

“It was therapeutic for us just to start looking,” Taylor says. “And we hoped for a sign from Daisy—that somehow she would help us find the right dog.”

“Cutest Thing We’d Ever Seen”

While Taylor likes bulldogs and Natalie prefers golden retrievers, they both agreed on wanting a dog that was out of the puppy stage. After visiting a few local animal shelters, they arrived at the  ASPCA Adoption Center.

After seeing two other dogs, they came upon two-year-old Ruby, a pit bull-mix who was patiently lying on her bed. Ruby looked up at Taylor and Natalie with big, brown soulful eyes and eventually nuzzled her head into Taylor’s chest. 


“She was the cutest thing we’d ever seen,” said Taylor.

They adopted Ruby that day, on November 1, 2019.

Ruby with Taylor and Natalie

Only a week earlier, Ruby had been transported with 33 other dogs to New York City from Felines and Canines Rescue Center in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, aboard the ASPCA’s Nancy Silverman Rescue Ride (NSRR).

Taylor and Natalie brought Ruby to a local Petco for new pet supplies, then rode the subway home to their Battery Park apartment.

“We got to our door and she sprinted in and jumped on the couch,” says Natalie. “She was so excited. She still does that to this day.” 

Ruby sleeping

Everybody Loves Ruby

Both Natalie and Taylor are from Michigan and even played soccer against each other in high school, but they didn’t meet until 2018 when they were both living in New York City.

Ruby loves to be near her new family, often keeping them company while they are working in the office or at home.

Ruby sleeping with her toys

“She is a good sidekick,” says Taylor, who raised funds for the ASPCA when she ran the NYC marathon in 2016.

“Everyone stops us on the street,” adds Natalie. “Everyone loves her.”

Ruby at her new home

When she’s not playing with squeaky toys or skinning tennis balls, Ruby loves to nap.  She plays well with other dogs and people too. Ruby also has her own Instagram™ account at littleruby_bigcity where she shows off her adventures in her new home.

“She knows when I grab the leash it’s time for a walk, so she waits by the door,” says Taylor. “When we return, she pulls us toward the doorman so she can greet him.”

“We believe Daisy sent Ruby to us,” Taylor adds. “This dog loves you so hard and is so expressive. Daisy knew we needed that. It was just meant to be.”

Ruby resting with her family
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