The Results Are In: Subaru “Shares the Love” in a Big Way

March 12, 2015

For the seventh year in a row, the ASPCA was selected as one of four national charities to participate in the Subaru “Share the Love” event, which ran from November 20, 2014, to January 2, 2015. This year, Subaru exceeded our expectations with the decision to increase their total charitable donation from $10 million in 2013 to $15 million in 2014, and the ASPCA received over $2 million from Subaru of America as a result of our participation in this year’s campaign.

For the second consecutive year, Subaru also encouraged local retailers to select a local Hometown Charity to participate in the campaign. In addition, the ASPCA provided 50 animal welfare organizations with up to $5,000 in grant funds to host a one- or two-day “Share the Love” event with their local Subaru retailer during the six-week campaign. The results are still coming in, but shelters have reported hundreds of adoptions, over $70,000 in cash donations, thousands of donated supplies and an increased awareness and celebration of animal welfare in communities across the country!

Adopt A Pet event

During the “Share the Love” event, the ASPCA also provided $100,000 in grants to 19 animal welfare organizations across the country to conduct ASPCA/Subaru “Share the Love” Rescue Rides for the second year in a row. These Rescue Rides are a series of life-saving animal transports that move homeless pets to shelters where they have a greater chance of finding a home. Transports began on November 20, 2014 and will go through March 20, 2015. While the results are still coming in, the estimated animal impact is nearly 3,000 animals.

Thank you to Subaru of America and Subaru owners for your dedication and support of the ASPCA—and for the countless animals that you have helped through the “Share the Love” event!