Pregnant, Injured Amethyst is Given a New Hope

October 19, 2016

Happy Tail: Amethyst

“She is the best pet ever; I hope she thinks that I am her best human.” – Elena W. of Queens, NY

Amethyst came to the ASPCA Animal Hospital as a victim of cruelty—something we see far too much. The four-year-old chocolate brown Chihuahua had been rescued by the NYPD, and was in need of medical attention. At the time, Amethyst was pregnant and had a shrunken, inactive left eye. It was unclear if the damage to the small dog’s eye was a trait from birth, or the result of an infection or previous trauma. Without much history to go on, the veterinary team moved quickly to help the tiny pup, and the decision was made to remove her damaged left eye shortly after the she birthed one healthy puppy.

Amethyst’s recovery proved to be relatively easy—but the partial loss of vision made her nervous when people approached her on her left side. After her surgery, the Behavior Team at the ASPCA Adoption Center worked with her to create hand cues so that she wouldn’t get too frightened when someone went to touch her. She began to show her personality little by little, and the team soon learned that this small pup was very laid-back and relaxed. 

Amethyst sleeping

Once Amethyst was fully recovered, it was time to find the adorable, sensitive Chihuahua a loving home. Fortunately, it was only a couple of weeks before someone special spotted the small dog. Elena W. had been casually looking at adoptable dogs online for several months before she came across Amethyst. When she finally saw Amethyst, everything changed. Elena knew that there was something special about her, she knew that she’d found the newest member of her family. “Something about her just made my heart sing—her one little eye, the fact that she had survived something,” Elena says about her connection with Amethyst.

When it was time to meet her in person, Elena expected Amethyst to be “low-key” and “sleepy.” She was surprised and elated when the small pup bounded up to her and eagerly took treats from her hands. There was no question in Elena’s mind that Amethyst was the one for her. “She needed a home, I wanted her as my dog, and she seemed to agree.”

It was an instant connection and bond for the two, and soon it was time for Amethyst to begin a new chapter with her new pet parent. Elena renamed her new family member Potato, and the two have been inseparable ever since. “She and I are now a bonded pair! Her tail wags when she hears my voice, and she licks my hand for hours as I read.”

Potato with her new family

According to Elena, Potato is the most resilient and adaptable dog she has ever encountered. She goes everywhere she is allowed. Elena even sneaks her into places under her shirt or jacket sometimes! The formerly shy, scared pup is now friendlier than ever, and enjoys exploring her new home and spending time with her beloved pet parent.

For many dogs like Potato, the journey to a happy home isn’t always an easy one. But with a little bit of hope and a lot of love, there’s a happy ending around every corner. You can create your own “Happy Tail” by adopting a shelter dog like Potato today!